MAFS Stacey Hampton, best known for her stint on the reality show in 2020 where she was paired with chronic bachelor Michael Goonan, has now started an OnlyFans.

This news is both surprising and unsurprising to me because Stacey has been very publically pursuing a career in law over the last year.

However it must be tough for a number of factors, firstly COVID has kind of made it difficult for people to get jobs.

Secondly, MAFS ruins people’s reputations, I can’t imagine that’s helping her if her interviewers google her.

Thirdly, she’s a single mum and has two (adorable) boys to raise which means there are certain flexibilities she’ll need to ensure she’s there for her kids which a life in the legal world might not allow.

Fellow MAFS contestants Hayley Vernon and Mishel Karen are also on the platform charging half of what Stacey charges at $35 a month for a subscription.

A few media outlets have been insinuating that $35 is a lot but… it’s really not considering Stacey’s social media following, her reality star status as well as THAT BOD which she works really hard to maintain I’m sure.


“If I did five days a week [being a lawyer] then I feel like I’m not being fair on my children and I’m not there for them,’ she revealed in a video on her Youtube channel last year when her career was up for debate in the public eye.

She’s already explained that she earns a significant portion of her income through sponsored posts on her social media, so this is just turning that up a notch!

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