We’ve all seen and heard way too much of Poppy without actually learning anything since the start of the season.

She’s been claiming producers have silenced her on the truth behind Luke Eglin, her MAFS husband. 

It’s not that we don’t believe her, we do, but to be honest, I’m not interested unless you can tell me more Poppy!

I’m tired of you just saying ‘I have all this tea’ and not spillin’ it girl.

Poppy returned for the reunion dinner in a recent episode and Lizzie, being a little gossip that she is, pried and pried for information on her departure until Poppy burst.

‘I just lost it and told her everything… every single detail about why I had to leave. But, of course I was taken off set and hushed,’ Poppy tells Women’s Day this week.

Once again, you’re an ABSOLUTE TEASE.


We know it’s not your fault, you legally cannot discuss what happens but what can we say! 

We want what we can’t have.

Poppy has come out saying she’s in talks with lawyers to determine whether she knows what and how she can speak about her truth.

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