The people who put their hand up for Married At First Sight take the ultimate plunge. The participants risk their public image and livelihoods all in the name of love.

Unfortunately, Mishel Karen is one of the stars who has been hit with some unfortunate consequences since she made the ultimate choice to throw herself into the spotlight – she’s now $40,000 in debt!

The single mother-of-two recently went joined the podcast ‘Not Here To Make Friends’ and discussed her now-strained financial situation.

“I had the injury on the snowfield… so I tore my meniscus and had to have surgery and all up I’m in debt about $38,000,” she said.

If she is referring to the injury that occurred on the show during her TV honeymoon with Steve Burley, it’s quite surprising she’s the one who had footed the bill. That’s a story for another day…

Mishel also refused to give names but she said there are other participants who had also racked up some debts. 


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