Sex was well and truly on the brain during another EXPLOSIVE dinner party on Married At First Sight last night.

For some reason, the only thing people wanted to talk about was whether or not Ivan and Aleks had had sex yet, despite the fact that both of them had expressed how uncomfortable they were talking about their intimacy.

Basically it all started because Aleks had come to the conclusion that she didn’t feel any romantic connection with Ivan, which led to several allegations being thrown around.

The first, that Aleks cheated on Ivan with a mystery man that she met at a Serbian event, the next being that Ivan intentionally set up Josh and Michael to look like bad guys so he could look like a hero to his onscreen wife Aleks, and the third and most prominent being that Aleks and Ivan have slept together.

The third allegation was the one that was the one that was aggressively denied by both Ivan and Aleks, despite claims from Michael, Josh and Stacey that the couple had both previously confirmed that they had slept together.


Josh even went as far as to say that Ivan told him they had been “rooting like rabbits”.

Following the episode, MAFS bride Mishel, who is currently married to Steve on the show, has come out with information that appears to support claims that Aleks and Ivan have had sex.

It also seems to defend Josh and Michael’s claims that Ivan had previously told them about his sexual encounters with Aleks.

Mishel joined James Weir on his Not Here To Make Friends podcast, saying that she believed Michael and Josh were telling the truth about the whole sex thing because she had heard that an intimate tape of Aleks had actually been shared around the group.

Firstly, she claimed that Ivan did in fact confide in Michael and Josh that he had slept with Aleks.


“Michael likes to stir the pot, but he usually stirs the pot honestly,” Mishel told the podcast about the dinner party antics.

“So he’s heard something, he’s just relaying it to the rest of the group. The boys are actually very close, they’re always sharing information and whether Ivan was to admit it or not, he did disclose that information with Josh and Michael.”

“I feel bad for Josh and Michael tonight, they were stitched up. Ivan asked them to ask about that. I twas 100 per cent, he asked them to.”

Michel then went on to say that she had heard about a tape of Aleks circulating through the group, and actually alleged that Ivan was the one showing it to people.

“Talking about the sex thing again, because that is the big focus of tonight’s episode, Aleks and Ivan, is it true, maybe you can confirm or deny, was there a video?” James Weir asked. “Was there a video that was shown to the guys?”

“All I know, and I heard it through Josh, and Josh and I and Stacey and I are close, that Ivan did show the video to other people, a video of Aleks acting provocative,” Mishel answered.


“I think that’s not cool that he showed that to them.”

“So a sexual video that he’s shown to these boys?” James clarified.

“Yes. But that’s hearsay, so I’m not really sure if that’s true but I actually believe Stacey and I believe Josh,” Mishel said.

“I wouldn’t doubt them. There no reason for them to lie.”

No doubt Sunday night’s commitment ceremony is going to be interesting this week.

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