Well the big question after Married At First Sight’s explosive dinner party reunion last night is did Stacey actually cheat on her onscreen husband Michael with Mikey?

Stacey maintains that Mikey is lying, while Mikey claims the exact opposite, saying he even did a lie detector test to prove what he claims happened.


As for the claims, Mikey says that at the time when it was first revealed that Hayley and Michael had cheated together, he went on a drunken night out with Stacey, Ivan and Aleks.

After returning to their apartments, Mikey claims he went to Stacey’s room and that they slept together. He says that his relationship with Natasha was over at the time, but Stacey was still together with Michael.

Stacey on the other hand claims nothing happened at all.


While we really don’t know for sure who is telling the truth, Mikey spoke with Kyle and Jackie O this morning telling us that he’s feeling pretty frustrated because he doesn’t know how else to prove that he’s telling the truth.

“You ponder the question, why would I do it? I left the competition six weeks ago so people are going, oh you’re doing it for fame,” Mikey told us.

“Why wouldn’t I just go along like half the other couples and just milk the series and get on with Natasha as a friend if I really wanted to milk it for fame.

“Two, do the lie detector test. They flew up a cop who’s been a South Australian police officer for 15 years, he’s been over in the FBI. I sat there, I did a lie detector test when I didn’t have to, and I’ve also asked Stacey to do it, who won’t do it, and putting my name out there to prove what happened.

“Three, most of the cast actually sort of know what happened… I literally don’t know what else I need to do.”


While Mikey did have a lot of evidence to backup his claims, including support from Ivan and Aleks and a text message exchange between him and Stacey referencing their night together, one thing still left us confused.

Why didn’t Mikey reveal his alleged one night stand with Stacey straight after it happened while Hayley was being thrown under the bus for kissing Michael?

Mikey told us that he originally wasn’t going to say anything at all because he felt embarrassed about his behaviour.

But he says he was forced to come out with the truth after all of the girls heard the rumour through a secret group chat.


Mikey claims that Aleks, who was there on the drunken night out, sent a message to all the girls about it.

“I didn’t come out and admit this, I didn’t want people knowing,” Mikey said. “I tried to slip it under the rug.

“I was embarrassed about what I had done because it wasn’t the right thing to do. Just because the day after you break up with someone you don’t go and sleep with someone else.

“But what happened is that Aleks had told the girls in a group chat and so people were coming to me, the girls were coming to me, you can ask anyone of the girls how it actually got out.”

Mikey claimed that he’d confirmed what had allegedly happened between him and Stacey to Ivan, who then went on and told his partner Aleks.

After the girls on the experiment heard about the rumour and started asking Mikey about it, he said that this is when he knew he’d have to come out and own it.


“There’s one thing not saying something but it’s another thing lying,” Mikey said.

Mikey also said that further evidence to his story was that his clothes had been returned to Aleks and Ivan. He explained that he’d left them in Stacey’s room after waking up the next morning full of regret.

“Our corridors were like two rooms apart. I literally woke up, I got Uber Eats at like 4 that morning and ate it, that’s why I was talking about the mess, and then I just sort of woke up and I thought, ‘Oh sh*t what have I done?’,” Mikey told us.

“I got a bit of a fright and literally just ran out of the room. There was some other stuff there, my shoes and a top. My room was about 20 metres away so I went to my room, packed up my stuff and literally left that next day to try and forget about it.”

But Mikey couldn’t forget about it when the girls all found out about the rumour, leading to the explosive events at last night’s dinner party.

Wow what a confusing situation honestly! We don’t think we’ll ever really know for sure who is telling the truth, even though there’s still one episode left to go on this season of Married At First Sight.


Although maybe the experts will be able to get to the bottom of it better than we can during the final reunion on Sunday night? You can tune in from 7pm on Channel Nine.

Hear our full chat with Mikey from MAFS in the podcast below.

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