The one couple that everyone really wanted to see hit the commitment ceremony couch last night, Ivan and Aleks, caused mass disappointment last night when they chose not to show up at all.

Following a hectic dinner party that saw the pair storming out early after a fight with Michael and Josh about their intimacy and whether or not Alex had cheated on Ivan, the pair weren’t present during last night’s episode.

And no reason was really given for their absence, with the experts being the ones to deliver the news to the rest of the group and all of us at home.

Speaking about the way that they chose to leave the experiment this morning, Michael Goonan told Kyle and Jackie O that he thinks he’s the reason why Ivan and Aleks didn’t show up.

He told us that the way he got all up in the pair’s business at the dinner party was only the start, and he was preparing to go even deeper during the commitment ceremony.


But then they didn’t show up, with Michael claiming Aleks was too scared to face him again.

“They just legged it,” Michael told us this morning.

“I think some people when faced with the hard truths will either fight or flee… and I think we had a couple of fleers on our hands. They ran away into the sunset.”

“You want to know why she fled?” Michael continued. “I hadn’t even gotten started at the dinner party.”


In case you missed it, Michael absolutely went in on Aleks about the fact that she claims she hasn’t slept with Ivan. He claimed that he knew for a fact that they had and neither of them would back down.

Michael is also the one who brought up the rumour that Aleks had cheated on Ivan at the Dinner Party, causing Aleks to leave the night in tears.

But according to Michael, this was nothing compared to what he was going to say had Aleks and Ivan shown up at the commitment ceremony.

“The dinner party was a taste. What was coming was the full meal at the commitment ceremony,” Michael told us. “He knew that and she knew that she wasn’t ready to face the music.”

As for what Michael was going to say to the pair, he told us that he was ready to give further details into the alleged cheating scandal between Aleks and a Sydney man that he claims she went out on a date with.

“That was the tip of the iceberg and there was a lot under the covers and that was all going to come out,” Michael said.


He went into further details as to what he claims Aleks told her about this apparent date in the lobby of their hotel. Hear what he said in the podcast below!

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