The wedding event of the year took place over the weekend and was televised on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair last night, featuring Married AT First Sight’s most successful couple Jules and Cam.

While some fellow MAFS cast members were in attendance on the big day, including former couple Cyrell and Nic and Heidi who was actually a bridesmaid, one notable person was missing.

Mel Lucarelli, who appeared on the same season of MAFS, was actually asked to be one of Jules’ bridesmaids along with Heidi during the reunion of the reality TV show.

But somehow, between filming of the reunion at the start of the year to now things fell apart and Mel was actually dumped from the bridal party.

Jules was asked about Mel’s absence during the wedding special on TV last but she didn’t seem to want to talk about it at all.


“Do you know what, in response to that question, all that matters is my nearest and dearest are here right now,” Jules said. “Heidi is here, she’s my bridesmaid. I love that woman.”

Mel on the other hand is ready to speak out about the issue, detailing the entire situation to Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

She told us that she was absolutely blindsided, telling us the rather brutal dumping came only a few weeks before the wedding day.

“I was like their third wheel, Cam and Jules,” Mel said. “We were like super tight and when I left the experiment we would FaceTime every night, we would see each other all the time… I think that’s why I was just so shellshocked about it.”

Mel explained that she really felt like she was best friends with Jules and she had put a lot of work into helping with wedding plans and bridesmaids duties.

“I guess to then be kind of told like, I found out I was dumped four of five weeks ago,” Mel continued, adding that the dumping came when she was actually catching up with Jules on the phone to chat further about her bridesmaids duties.


“She just said, ‘I don’t think, you’re actually not going to be a bridesmaid anymore. I haven’t really seen you this year and it just wouldn’t be right for you to be standing next to me on my real wedding’,” Mel said. “I was really kind of shocked.”

Mel explained that she didn’t understand Jules’ reasoning behind the dumping. She told us that she had seen both Jules and Cam numerous times throughout the year and had spoken with them on a regular basis.

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“That just doesn’t even make any sense! I said, ‘I could literally tell you off the top of my head twenty times that I’ve seen you this year’,” Mel continued. But not even the point because we obviously call, FaceTime and do all of that.”

Following the conversation, Mel then claims that they continued their conversation over a series of texts, with Jules trying to explain further she received a series of texts from Jules, trying to explain the bridesmaid dumping further.


Jackie read out one message from Jules on air this morning.

“Just because I said it on a show doesn’t mean I have to do it. People said a lot of things on that show. This is real life. I won’t be answering any media messages about this . I just want it to blow over and it will be forgotten about. Take care,” the message read.

Mel also explained that Jules had told her that she had been a bad friend and hadn’t been there for her.

One of the things that hurt Mel the most was the fact that she was asked to be a bridesmaid in such a public way and the wedding would be aired on television, and yet Jules didn’t want to explain to the media why Mel wouldn’t be present.

“I think it’s just the fact that being asked to be bridesmaid in such a public way as well… She didn’t want anything said about it, but obviously media people were contacting me because of the story that had come out,” Mel explained.

“And then I just went it needs to be confirmed because people keep asking. Jules was upset that I had confirmed it. But to keep quiet, it made it look like I had done something so wrong like slept with Cam or something.”


On the day of the wedding, instead of getting dressed in a bridesmaids dress Mel posted an old picture of her and Jules to Instagram, explaining that she wouldn’t be attending the wedding.

We hope the girls can work things out in the future.

Hear more from our chat with Mel in the video above.

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