Former MAFS star KC Osborne has opened up about her five-month relationship with Michael Goonan, blaming his ‘playboy ways’ for their split.

“He sold me that dream of, ‘I would stop my playboy ways to have a girl like you, you’re such a good girl’,” she told Who.

“You have to remember too, I had felt really rejected and here I was with this guy telling me everything I’d ever dreamed of hearing,” she added.

“I got along with him and I cared about him but I had that voice in my head going: ‘No no no KC this is a danger zone, you shouldn’t go there, you know what he’s like, he’s a party boy, he’ll probably break your heart.

“But when you have someone telling you: ‘You’re amazing, I give you my word, if I had a girl like you I’d change my ways, I want to move forward and have a family,’ it was so full-on and I’d never had a guy say that to me before.

“I got sold the dream and I fell for it.”


She also discussed that despite the couple moving in together quite quickly due to COVID-19, she did think he was the one.

“It’s been f***ing hard for me, I’m exhausted.

“It’s so fresh for me because I thought Michael was going to be the one that I married. It’s like when you don’t have much fuel left in the tank and then you give it one more go,” she told Who.

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