Married at First Sight 2019 cast member Jessika Powers has had $25,000 worth of cosmetic surgery since the show ended a month ago.

The 27 year old administrative worker has said that the constant attention from the public during the show ‘shook her to the core’.

Jessika spoke with NW Magazine about her recent transformation, which included a brow lift, multiple rounds of dental work, cheek and lip fillers, a new set of veneers, and Botox, and it shows.

Looking at images of Jessika pre-MAFS, it’s easy to tell how much work she’s had done. Apparently this isn’t it either; she’s been researching ‘Brazilian butt-lift’ surgery to get even closer to her ‘ideal’ look.

Considering that many of the criticisms raised against Jessika were because of how extreme her fillers looked on the show, it doesn’t seem like these procedures will do anything to improve her standing with critics.


Jessika doesn’t seem to think that matters; ‘I feel confident and happy again and I’m excited to start a new chapter’. 

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