It’s sad that it’s a known thing these days that when you sign up for a TV show you’re basically opening yourself up to online bullying.

Far too often now we see trolling take place on social media aimed at those on our TV screens, with people hiding behind their keyboards to say often horrible things about people, who let’s face it, are strangers to them.

Two people who have had to deal with this recently is Ivan and Aleks from Married At First Sight who were the centre of attention during the dinner party episode on Wednesday.

After the episode, the MAFS pair have opened up about the various negative comments that they have received online, telling Kyle and Jackie O all about the “disgusting” behaviour.

Aleks claims that she’s not only had people targeting her looks and calling her a “sl*t” but that she’s also received death threats.


“I’m sitting here and my inbox is flooding with death threats and calling me a sl*t and this and that,” Aleks told us.

“Is that right? That’s crazy,” Kyle gasped.

“I want to address that as well, a lot of hate coming out to Aleks,” Ivan added. “Me and Aleks are really good right? Like we’re really good.”

“People are attacking you guys, calling her a sl*t, this is outrageous behaviour,” Kyle said.

Ivan went on to defend his onscreen bride, saying that these types of comments are completely unwarranted. He also had a strong message for the trolls.

“It’s disgusting and I guess like people that are willing to make those sort of comments, especially behind the phone, computer and social media, is absolutely gutless and cowardly and there’s no need for it,” Ivan continued.


“Aleks, if her mind isn’t in it, that doesn’t make her a bad person, it doesn’t make her a sl*t. She’s a beautiful woman and I’ll always respect Aleks.”

“What I say to these people making these threats and stuff, imagine this is your daughter,” Ivan continued.

“And she’s decided she wants to go on the show and meet a bloke or whatever, are you going to like when people are calling her, imagine it’s your mum. Imagine it’s your sister. Put yourself in that position and have a real good think before you start calling people out with nastiness.”

Couldn’t have said it any better ourselves Ivan! He really does obviously care about Aleks and we applaud the way he’s handled this situation!


Hear more from our chat with Ivan and Aleks in the podcast below!

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