It was the one question on everyone’s lips at the Married At First Sight dinner party last night – Did Ivan and Aleks have sex or didn’t they?

But according to the pair, we will never find out the answer. And TBH, that’s the way it should be. If they want to keep that stuff private, why is that such a bad thing?

Ivan and Aleks joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning to discuss the crazy events of last night’s dinner party, where Michael and Josh wouldn’t let Aleks and Ivan off without admitting they’d slept together.

They explained why they wouldn’t confirm or deny the rumours, even just to get everyone off their backs, and we have to say we love what they told us.

“So like will anyone ever know if you guys had sex or not, apart from you two?” Kyle asked.


“Probably not,” Ivan said.

“I mean like, why is that such a big deal to everyone to know?” Aleks asked.

Literally this is what we have been saying this whole time. Why does everyone care?!

“If Aleks doesn’t want to talk about it I don’t get why they just keep pressuring her,” Jackie added.

Alex continued to explain exactly why she didn’t feel comfortable talking about being intimate with the other contestants.


“I just think that it’s a sacred subject and I only talk about it to people who I trust and I know and I love and that’s not Australia unfortunately,” Aleks told us.

Of course, it comes as no surprise then that Aleks and Ivan both denied the fact that there was any tape of them circulating that appears to prove they’ve had sex.

In case you missed it, Mishel went on James Weir’s Not Here To Make Friends podcast, saying that she had heard that an intimate tape of Aleks had been shared around the MAFS group by Ivan.

Both Ivan and Aleks completely denied this.

“I’d like to see it,” Ivan said about the tape sarcastically.

“I’d like to see that,” Aleks also said.


“Is this news to you?” Jackie asked.

“Absolutely news to us,” Ivan replied.

So come on guys, can we leave Aleks and Ivan and their sex life alone now?

Hear more from our chat with Ivan and Aleks in the podcast below!

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