During the dinner party last night on Married At First Sight we heard word of a brand new cheating scandal that completely rocked the entire group.

The allegations were that Aleks had gone to a Serbian event with fellow MAFS bride Mishel one weekend during filming, when she is said to have hit it off with a guy.

Fellow MAFS cast member Michael then claimed that he had seen Aleks coming home from a date with this same guy, claiming that she had said she could see a future with this guy, more so than with Ivan.

Alex completely denied the rumours at the time, saying that the man was 50-years-old, the same age as her dad, and that he owned a restaurant that she and a girlfriend had visited.

It was all a bit suss and we were left a little unsure as to what actually happened, but today Aleks has explained further, saying that it was completely innocent.


And this morning Ivan was backing her up on this, claiming that he knows for a fact that she did not cheat on him.

Ivan and Aleks both joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning when they spoke about the cheating allegations and explained what really happened at this now infamous Serbian event that Aleks attended with Mishel.

“Everything was a little bit misconstrued last night,” Ivan began. “First and foremost, one of the things I want to address is, there was absolutely no truth to Aleks’ cheating allegations whatsoever.”

“Right, so Aleks you’re not with some dude in a ferrari? That’s not true?” Kyle asked.

“Absolutely not. I’m a loyal person. I’ve got morals,” Aleks said. “And look, it came from Michael’s mouth so you can choose to believe that or not.”



Aleks then explained exactly what happened at this Serbian event that started all of the rumours in the first place. And according to Aleks, it was actually Mishel’s fault that they got all of that male attention in the first place!

“Myself and Mishel went to a Serbian event on a boat, and Mishel unfortunately told the whole boat that we were filming MAFS at that time,” Aleks revealed.

“So what happens to blokes when they find out that there’s a couple of chicks there on MAFS? They naturally flock,” Ivan explained.

“Exactly,” said Aleks.

Aleks also added that the man she is alleged to have cheated with is actually friends with with fellow MAFS bride Natasha and that she would be able to prove that they never met up outside of the boat party.

“And actually this person with the ferrari, I won’t name his name, is actually really good friends of Natasha so she can vouch that that person never once met me outside of that boat after that.”


So it looks like there was no affair! But are we really that surprised that something that originally came out of Michael’s mouth turned out to be a lie…?

Hmm not really if we’re honest!

Hear more from our chat with Ivan and Aleks in the podcast below!

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