After all of the hype about her leaked songs Madonna is facing a global flop.

After rushing out the six new songs exactly one week ago, not one of the songs has made the Australian Top 100, indicating that at best the biggest seller of the bunch would have sold less than 1400 units.

The six songs released to iTunes last Sunday were Unapologetic Bitch, Living For Love, Illuminati, Bitch I’m Madonna, Devil Pray and Ghost Town. The highest ranking one on iTunes seven days later was Living For Love at 147.

On Sunday Bitch I’m Madonna was at number 160, Ghosttown was at 165, Devil Pray was 180 and Unapologetic Bitch was at 197. Illuminati vacated the Top 200 after just one week.

In America the figures are even worse. The highest charting new Madonna song in America as of Sunday was Bitch I’m Madonna at 176.

In the UK Ghosttown is the highest ranking song at number 191 on iTunes.

Madonna rushed the six songs from her next album Rebel Heart out suddenly after 10 demo songs leaked earlier.


The Rebel Heart album will be released in full in March.




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