This morning Kyle and Jackie O had an exclusive chat with Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge in light of their break-up news.

They spoke about the reason why they decided to call it quits, the reason why they went to New Idea to tell their story.

Basically, Louise and Blake both felt as though they found it hard to celebrate their love, as the drama of the past involving Blake’s proposal to Sam Frost would always rear its ugly head.

They also confirmed that they’re currently still living together in Perth, though they’re no longer together.

Louise described the arrangement as ‘friends without benefits.’

However, during the chat a few tweets came through with questions for the pair and Kyle read two out. The first was a question to Blake asking whether not he was gay.

He laughed it off, answering no. The second was a question about his, term… ‘downstairs’.


And Louise’s response has raised more than a few eyebrows…

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