During a recent chat with The Daily Mail, Louis Tomlinson admitted he thinks a One Direction reunion is “inevitable.” However, there’s a stipulation.

“I do think it will happen. I’d certainly have something to say about it if it didn’t. I think it’s inevitable,” he said before adding, “I feel like what’s most important is that when we do get back together, we’re all on the same page and we’ve all done what we want to do individually. That’s vitally important for when we get back.”

All five members of the famed group are currently working on solo music, including Louis. During a recent concert in Manchester, the singer treated fans to a cover of One Direction’s “Little Black Dress.” The crowd unsurprisingly went wild. One prepared fan was able to catch the whole thing on video.

Watch Louis cover “Little Black Dress” below.

The 27-year-old has had a tough couple years. In March, his 18-year-old sister Felicite tragically passed away. Her untimely death came just two years after his mom died of cancer. Just days before losing his sister Louis released “Two of Us,” a tribute to his late mother.

The singer has chosen to channel his grief in a positive way, recently sharing a message on social media that he’s trying to live more in the moment rather than chase the standard definition of success.


“Over the last few weeks I’ve put a lot of things in to perspective and in fact what I should be doing is forgetting about perception and to a certain degree worry less about being defined on commercial success,” he wrote. “I’m not here to compete with the likes of Drake and Ariana Grande.”

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