I’m not gonna say she should have picked Timm….but she should have picked Timm. 

But hey, you can’t say Angie & Carlin didn’t give it a red hot go!

Looks like the two have stopped following each other on Instagram which sounds ridiculous as proof but that just doesn’t happen ACCIDENTALLY!

A Bachie fan account posted this “these two have now unfollowed each other aka the millennial way of announcing ya breakup”, which is hardly proof but the rumours began from there!

But here’s the real TEA.


They started following each other again after the post was put up and ANGIE EVEN COMMENTED A REALLY PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE COMMENT ON IT.

“Glitch in the system. Leave it. If you don’t know, you don’t know”


With hot contenders from her season Timm & Ciarran joining Bachelor in Paradise, the timing is terrible!

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