The fans keep asking and it looks like the girls of Little Mix are going to deliver!

Last week we put it out to all the mega Little Mix fans out there to send us the questions that you’ve always wanted to ask the girl group. And can we just say that there was certainly one mega theme amongst a lot of them!

As it turns out, a lot of you out there are DESPERATE for Little Mix to do some sort of collaboration with the incredible boys of BTS.

And by the sounds of things, LM themselves are pretty keen too!

Little Mix joined us in the KIIS studios this morning to answer all of these questions on an Instagram Live and as soon as one fan mentioned BTS they said they were 100% interested.


“Have you ever imagined a Little Mix/BTS performance? I can’t stop thinking about the dance routine and how epic it would be,” read Jade from one fan on Twitter.

“We have said this before,” responded Perrie.

“That would be sick,” added Leigh-Anne. (DUH!)

“I think we’d go well together,” Jade also said. (Double DUH!)


As for what a collab performance could look like from both the girl and boy bands, we have one word. EPIC!

“I just think it would be the biggest performance ever because they put on a big show, we put on a big show,” Perrie explained.

“We need to make this happen guys,” Leigh-Anne concluded.


So looks like the girls are 100% on board! Your move BTS. We need this in our lives!

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