A lot of people use social media applications such as Instagram to display their love and affection for their favourite celebs – hello, just look at how many fan accounts the girls of Little Mix have out there!

But we bet that while you’re posting adoring photos and messages of the famous people that you love you’d never actually think that they would see the posts themselves…

Well it turns out that they sometimes do! In fact, the girls of Little Mix actually admitted that they often stalk their fans on Insta to look at the sort of things they’re posting and to get feedback!

Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy joined us in the KIIS studios today to take over our Instagram LIVE and to answer your questions when they admitted to occasionally sifting through the various fan accounts out there.

“Do you check certain accounts for updates?” read out Jade from a fan.


“Yes!” answered all of the girls in unison.

“All of the time,” added in Perrie.

“It’s funny because you guys think, ‘Oh we always stalk the girls’. We all stalk you,” she continued. “Like I literally stalk everyone’s page.”

As to why the Little Mix girls go and stalk the fans, they told us it’s usually to see what we’re talking about, to get feedback and to see the epic pictures that we post of them!

“It’s good to get feedback, ins’t it?” said Jade.

“And also you guys get all the pictures first. Like if we’re ever looking for certain pictures you guys just have everything,” added Leigh-Anne.


So the next time you’re stalking your fav celeb, just know that there’s every possibility that they’ve stalked you right back!

And in that case, can you give us a follow back then girls?

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