Liam Hemsworth is moving on from his Malibu estate that he shared with ex-wife Miley Cyrus.

According to Dirt, the actor has sold his 7.4 acre home for $3.6 million, which is almost half of what he purchased it for in 2014. The rate is mostly due to the fact that the property was burned almost to the grown by the Woolsey Fire in 2018.

An unidentified buyer purchased the two lots the former home stood on, which sees a burned out concrete foundation, an untouched pool and “acres of semi-charred rolling hills.”

Cyrus even wrote “Malibu” about her life in the beach side city with Hemsworth. She also purchased the smaller house next to the residence, which surprisingly survived the fire.


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Back in December 2018, the superstar spoke about how losing the home impacted her well-being. “I’m in a really good healing place right now,” Cyrus told Ryan Seacrest.


“I definitely learned a lot. My dad [Billy Ray Cyrus] has always told me ‘Life is a series of adjustments’ and sometimes we never understand what our parents are telling us until we start to experience life more. I’m starting to really understand what that means now experiencing something as life-changing and devastating as a natural disaster.

“It’s a really deep character challenge to see the way you react to loss.”


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