We’ve heard plenty of rumours before that our youngest Kar-Jenner sister could be getting married or may already be married. But never have we seen evidence like this before!

Kylie Jenner fans are freaking out after it appears that her birthday celebrations may have just turned into an impromptu wedding ceremony!

Kylie is celebrating her 22nd birthday at the moment and yesterday she was seen boarding a pirate jet to head to Italy to pay on a $250 million yacht.

No biggie for one of the richest gals in the world.

But what was interesting about it was a piece of luggage that Kylie was photographed bringing with her.


The pictures, obtained by TMZ, show a white garment bag, with a long, white, feathery gown poking out the bottom, being loaded into the plane along with a black garment back that looks like it could very well be holding a tux.

While Kylie is no stranger to an expensive gown, the colour and details on it are making people think that it’s a wedding dress and that her and her baby daddy Travis Scott are going to tie the knot while on her birthday trip!

It would kind of make sense for the pair to be getting married seeing as they share daughter Stormi together.

Not only that but before jetting off to Italy, Kylie shared one of the birthday surprises that Travis put together for her.


The video showed their house literally covered in rose petals. At the end of the footage she holds up a little note that reads “Happy Birthday!!!! We’re just getting started. Love you!!!!”

He certainly was hinting that something big was in store… Could that something big be a wedding?

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