Last year’s Super Bowl weekend was one for the record books. And no, we don’t mean because of something that happened during the football game or infamous half-time show.

Thanks to what we can only assume was the ingenious plan of momager Kris Jenner, last year Kylie Jenner literally stole the Super Bowl’s thunder by announcing that she had given birth to her first child, baby Stormi, with boyfriend Travis Scott following a TON of speculation that she was pregnant.

And thanks to a couple of posts to social media, we’re becoming very suspicious that the same thing might just happen again this year!

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches over in America, Kylie Jenner sent her fans into an absolute frenzy after posting a seemingly innocent photo of herself and Travis to Instagram.

Well, innocent apart from the caption that is.


In the image, the rapper is sitting on a staircase while Kylie wraps her arms around him from behind and Kylie captioned the sweet pic, “Baby #2?”.

Since arriving in our feed, the post has been inundated with comments from fans questioning whether Kylie was pregnant once again with baby number two.

Kylie did respond to one of the comments, simply saying, “no lol”, but as we said, we just have that feeling that she could be denying the rumours and keeping us off the scene until the Super Bowl hits! (Just like last time)


PLUS this isn’t the first time that speculation has risen about a second child for Kylie and Travis recently.

Late last month Kylie shared a suss tweet that had people assuming a pregnancy announcement was coming.

“I have something really exciting I get to share soon with you guys!,” she wrote at the time. “I’ve been cooking this up for awhile i can’t wait to share my new project alreadyyy.”


After fans suggested that the project was another child, Kylie responded in the same way saying, “Noooo lol”. But we still haven’t heard another word about what this project could be.

So yeah, we’re calling it. Our money’s on Kylie Jenner taking over the Super Bowl once again and we’ll just be over here waiting to say we told you so.

(And if we’re wrong…seriously Kylie can you pls tell us what this super secret project is already?!)