Michelle is a beautiful person who has suffered so much illness and tragedy.

She was born with a heart condition that saw her parents saying their goodbye’s when she was just 1 year old. But true to her spirit she survived, but as a result had scoliosis and was teased throughout her childhood for the back brace she had to wear. Epilepsy soon followed, but again she pushed on and at age 23 got married and gave birth to her stunning daughter Hayley.

This was closely followed by little Zac, who was born with a severe brain defect. Shell remained positive but had to leave work to care for him. Every day at 4pm Zac would be hooked up to a feeding tube which saw the family having to give up their afternoons and nights to look after him. The constant lifting and stress took a toll on Shells body and she developed Crohn’s disease.
At age 11, little Zac could no longer hold on and passed away – Shell and her husband were so grief stricken that their marriage broke down.

After some time, a routine scan showed that she had a brain aneurism and required a coil as it didn’t take. She is due for another operation at the end of this year. If this isn’t bad enough she found a lump in her breast just a few weeks ago, and it showed she has breast cancer, she has since had her breast removed at age 43.

Hayley – Shells daughter is an amazing 19yr old who has learned to cope with all of this illness and tragedy in her family.

Shell is on a pension and I just so badly wants something to go her way for once… she deserves some happiness and less stress for once.

So, with thanks to Royal Caribbean Cruises, we are sending Michelle and Hayley off to cruise the stunning South Pacific on Australia’s biggest cruise ship, Voyager of the Seas, in an Oceanview Stateroom.


And thanks to Westpac, we increased Michelle’s bank account from $107 to over $7000!

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