As Jackie O’s Channel 10 show The Masked Singer comes to an end tonight, Kyle’s own show will kick off on the network later this week!

Trial By Kyle is set to air on Thursday October 24 at 8:30pm on Channel 10 after it was picked up following a successful run in Pilot Week last year.

The show sees Kyle become the Aussie version of Judge Judy, as he brings various cases and disputes into his courtroom to settle them according to his own version of law and order.

This morning during first calls, one of our listeners called up to tell Kyle just how excited she is for Kyle’s court to be in session when she asked if he could give us any information about what we can expect to see in episode one.

“Any hints on what’s going to be happening this Thursday?” our listener asked.


Kyle told us that he’s already watched advanced copies, and by the sounds of things, we’ve got some hilarious cases entering Kyle’s courtroom this week.

“This is what I like about the show and everyone knows I didn’t want to do it,” Kyle said. “But once I got there I enjoyed it because it was very emotional and people are fighting with each other over tiny little stupid, some things are very tiny, some things are big.”

Kyle went on to tell us about some of the cases that enter the courtroom this week.

“But one mum brought her daughter into the courtroom because the daughter had broken the bed whilst she was away on holidays and was refusing to fix it,” Kyle continued.

Turns out that the bed became broken after the daughter’s, ugh, promiscuous behaviour in her mother’s own bed! Sheesh! That’s certainly not going to go down well…

“The mum just went to town on this kid… and it’s just amazing what people will say to their most treasured loved ones on television,” Kyle laughed.


“And then there’s the case of the missing pistachios,” he added. “From a backpacker hostel”.

Like he said, there’s some reeeaaallll petty cases that make their way into Kyle’s courtroom.

“I was like, ‘Are you joking?’. But there was video footage and this guy was denying and denying and denying it and then we roll up the footage and he still denies it and it’s obvious it’s him.”

“But it’s fun!” he added.

It certainly sounds fun! Tune into Trial By Kyle this Thursday at 8:30pm on Channel 10!


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