The Voice Australia is coming back to TV very soon for it’s eighth season and of course it’s set to bring loads of drama!

ICYMI, the latest ad teasing the singing competition shows one of the coaches, Kelly Rowland, tipping a glass of water over another coach! Juicy stuff! I mean, it’s no red wine, but still!

Of course the promo doesn’t show which coach cops a shower from Kelly, but due to the amount that she would butt heads with Boy George last season, we assumed that it would be the hat-wearing singer!

BUT we were wrong!! Sonia Kruger, host of the reality program, joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning and she revealed what really happened in that moment.


And as it turns out, Kelly actually poured her water over new coach, Guy Sebastian! And according to her, he absolutely deserved it!

“I didn’t know this about Guy, but he is actually very unfiltered,” Sonia began to tell us.

“He was doing and saying a few things that I’m thinking, ‘You do know we’re on TV right?’.”

She then went on to give us a prime example and in doing so, detailed exactly what went down between him and Kelly.

“Did you see the bit in the promo when Kelly’s pouring water on his chair? That’s because he started it,” she continued. “You don’t actually see that in the promo.

“It’s almost like, he’s kind of crushing a little bit on Kelly and it’s like that guy in school that wants to punch you in the arm coz he likes you.


“So Kelly went off to go to the bathroom or something and he poured water on her chair! Delta saw it and she went over and cleaned it. This is all happening in the break.

“And then Kelly found out and so there was this retaliation.”

Sonia said that it’s unbelievable how competitive things really get between the coaches this time round! And it certainly sounds like it!

The Voice Australia kicks off on Sunday 19th May on Channel 9!


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