Today was a massive day on the Kyle and Jackie O show as we honoured one of Kyle and Jackie’s favourite TV shows of all time, The Sopranos!

Ahead of their speaking tour across Australia, Steve Schirripa, Vincent Pastore and Michael Imperioli – or as you may know them better, Bobby, Big Pussy and Christopher Moltisanti – joined us in studio for a mini cast reunion!

During the chat, we spoke about major storylines from the award winning show, how they found out their characters were being killed off, LOTS of inappropriate sex talk, and most surprisingly, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The Sopranos were hanging in studio while Brooklyn was doing his news bulletin and as usual, Kyle interrupted to put in his own two cents.

The story just happened to be about ScoMo and so Kyle decided that it was only fair to catch the guys up on all the talk that’s going around about the Aussie PM.

And by that, we mean the now infamous yet unconfirmed Engadine Macca’s story (Kyle just loves any opportunity to bring this up).

In case you are unaware about the tale yourself, it’s rumoured that in 1997 following the Cronulla Sharks grand final loss, ScoMo allegedly violently sh*t his pants at Engadine McDonald’s.


The story was first mentioned on Twitter and very quickly became a legendary story among Aussies, with someone even going as far as to set up a plaque at the McDonald’s in commemoration of the alleged sharting.

When Kyle mentioned the incident to The Sopranos boys, it’s safe to say that they were completely shocked. But not for the reason you may think…

Turns out, the guys didn’t know what the word “shart” meant, and being part of the fictional New York Mobster’s world for so long, they thought it meant something very different!

Hear Kyle explaining the incident to The Sopranos in the video above!

You can hear our full chat with The Sopranos in our special podcast below! It’s safe to say that it was an EPIC reunion!

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