Just in case you weren’t glued to your TV at 12pm yesterday, The Hills: New Beginnings officially kicked off their first episode on MTV.

We knew from a lot of the promos before the premiere that this reboot was going to be filled to the absolute brim with drama, and episode one certainly delivered on this front.

But after watching it all go down here on the Kyle and Jackie O show we suddenly realised that the producers might just be already resorting to faking the drama on the show!

Of course, being a reality TV show, you have to take everything that happens with a grain of salt. But it seemed that one particular storyline that aired yesterday was completely rewritten!

We’re talking about the little tiff between Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner. During the episode the pair caught up with Frankie Delgado for a boys night when suddenly things turned a bit nasty.

The boys were talking about Brody Jenner’s wedding in Indonesia, when things turned awkward because Spencer admitted that he hadn’t been invited. And he seemed pretty pissed about it.



Here’s how it went down on the show:

“When I didn’t get invited to Brody’s Indonesian wedding, I was shook. But I don’t hold grudges. JK I definitely do,” Spencer said in a piece to camera. “So this is going to be fun.”

Then speaking to Brody he continued, “I never took it personal. I never did. I was like, ‘Oh, that looks like the most beautiful location I’ve ever seen in my whole life’.”

Brody then interjected. “It’s not supposed to be your guys’ wedding, it’s my wedding.”

“I’m still a little butthurt,” Spencer replied.

So the show made it seem like Spencer and Heidi weren’t even invited to Brody’s wedding, and it seems to be one of their biggest story lines because the actual episode was titled ‘I don’t Hold Grudges…JK’.


But when Kyle and Jackie O spoke to the pair in July last year, they told us that they were in fact invited but just couldn’t afford to go!

“Did you guys not go to Brody’s wedding because you weren’t invited to the wedding or you couldn’t go?” Jackie asked Spencer and Heidi at the time.

“I was invited by him,” Spencer said. “He was like, ‘Yeah are you down to come to this wedding’, and I was like, ‘Where?’, and he was like, ‘Indonesia’.

“And I was like, ‘Well you just save that invite because I don’t have the budget to be flying out to freaking… you know that’s a lot of plane tickets.”

“Plus with Gunner,” Heidi added.

“I put that money towards a lovely Hermes gift yesterday,” Spencer added.

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You don’t need to be Nancy Drew to figure out that these two accounts don’t add up…

Kyle pointed out that maybe Spencer had lied to us last year and that he really wasn’t invited. But Jackie said she didn’t think he would’ve gone into so much detail if he had been lying on that occasion.

So it seems like the drama isn’t actually so dramatic on The Hills: New Beginnings…

Listen to the audio for yourself in the video above!

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