While Taylor Swift is known for singing that the old Taylor is dead, we reckon she’s just been resurrected! Especially if her new tune, which seems more old school Swifty than ever before, has anything to say about it!

Following some major anticipation and many hints from the hit singer, we finally have some new Taylor Swift music in our life and we couldn’t be more happy about it.

Last Friday, Tay Tay released her latest single, ‘Me!’, featuring Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie and it was just as catchy and simply spectacular as we were imagining.

Along with it came the equally good music video featuring her precious cats, all of the pastel colours of the rainbow and of course, according to some major Swifty fans, heaps of Easter Eggs.

Taylor Swift joined Kyle and Jackie O on the show this morning to chat about the new track when she actually admitted that she’d added in TONS of Easter Eggs and even went into a bit of detail about them for us.


“It was so so so much fun to make that video. Like one of the most fun video shoots I’ve ever had,” Taylor told us.

“Dave Myers is an amazing director and he co-directed this and just really tried to make this entire, magical, fantastical world but also include as many foreshadowing moments about the new album and visuals that would be like little clues and hints and Easter Eggs in the video.

“It was a process that started months ago and took a long time to plan but it really payed off in the end and I feel like people are being entertained by it.”

In case you don’t know what we mean by Easter Eggs, basically it’s a term for an intentional inside joke or hidden message within a piece of work.


Taylor went on to praise her fans for being so clever in figuring out some of the hidden messages and said that she loves creating mysteries for them to spend time working out.

“The fact that they’re so clever and detail oriented and they watch a video and they’ll watch it 20 times trying to figure out what they’ve missed, that makes it more fun to do that stuff.

“Because if no one was paying attention and I put like 50 Easter Egg clues in the video I’d be so bummed out.”

Kyle then decided to question Taylor about something that he thought was an Easter Egg in particular… The pink coloured snake that appears at the beginning of the video.

Of course, anyone that’s caught up on all the Tay Tay news out there, would know that the snake is typically in reference to the feud that she had with Kim Kardashian about being mentioned in Kanye West’s song ‘Famous’.

Kyle wanted to know if this snake was another reference to that feud.


“Now there’s a snake featured within the video clip. That symbol, well you know what they say about the snake, is that about anything? Is that just a thing you’ve thrown in there?” Kyle asked.

“Everything in the video is symbolic of something,” Taylor replied cryptically.

“Well we won’t say what it is then, but I think we all now,” Jackie added.

Yep. We reckon that’s definitely a Kimmy K dig!

What other Easter Eggs have you found throughout the ‘Me!’ video?

Listen to our full chat with Taylor Swift in the video above!

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