Today was no ordinary Tuesday here on the Kyle and Jackie O show! It was TAYLOR TUESDAY!

Our girl Taylor Swift took over the show this morning to chat about her newest song ‘Me!’ featuring Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco.

While chatting about the hit song, which has broken records since it’s release last week, Tay Tay not only appeared to refer to an upcoming album but fans also think she was hinting at an Aussie tour for it!

Taylor was chatting about all of the secret messages and hidden Easter Eggs in the music video for ‘Me!’, when she made mention of the fact that most of them were hints about what fans could expect from her upcoming album.

“Dave Myers is an amazing director and he co-directed this and just really tried to make this entire, magical, fantastical world but also include as many foreshadowing moments about the new album and visuals that would be like little clues and hints and Easter Eggs in the video,” Taylor said.


So not only did we get the confirmation that an entire album is headed our way (eeeekk!) but then Swifty also made mention of some sort of tour and when she was saying goodbye to the guys it appeared that she was hinting at bringing it tour down under.

Which would only make sense with all the new music!

Firstly, she said, “Many of the Easter eggs I put in the video I want them to age well. Some I want to be revealed immediately and some people won’t realise the meaning until months after when we go on tour.”

Then as we were saying goodbye, this happened!

“Hopefully you’ll come and visit here in Australia soon, the door’s always open,” Kyle said to Taylor.

“Oh I’ll definitely come visit you in Australia,” Tay Tay responded. “Hopefully I’ll see you guys soon.”


And basically immediately Taylor’s biggest fans Down Under started tweeting us saying that they thought this was a hint at an Australian tour!

Here’s hoping! We’re DEFINITELY ready for it!

Hear our full chat with Taylor in the video above! 

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