Sarah Harris is certainly rooting for Jackie to move on in her love life!

The Studio 10 host joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning for a bit of a catch up when she began to ask Jackie about her current relationship status.

“Are you seeing other people at the moment?” Sarah asked.

Jackie told Sarah that she wasn’t and that she wasn’t actually looking for any sort of relationship either.

“She doesn’t want anyone,” Kyle added, always loving to jump in on this topic of conversation.

But then Sarah had a GREAT idea and was clearly advocating for her employer, Network Ten, and asked whether Jackie would ever consider headlining their hit reality dating show.

“Do you think you could be the next celebrity Bachelorette?” Sarah asked.


But before all the guys out there start getting their hopes up, it turns out Jackie has no interest in following in the footsteps of her bestie Sophie Monk and shut down the idea completely.

“No. Hell no,” Jackie said without even a moment of pause. “No way… That would be the worst.”

Kyle also wasn’t a big fan of the idea, and reminded everyone that any guy who wants to get near Jackie would have to pass through him first.

“Imagine that. Imagine the gronks she’d get on that show,” he said. “Anyway, no one’s allowed to have sex with Jackie, or even kiss her, or even date her, unless they go through me.”

So send all applications into Kyle fellas. Although, Jackie was certainly adamant in making it clear that she’s not interested in dating anyone at the moment.

“You just want someone to sit on the couch and watch netflix with right?” Sarah asked.


“I don’t know if I do right now. Not even,” Jackie said. “I kind of like doing my own thing at the moment. So I’m happy.”

We love that! You go Jacks!

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