Sunrise co-host Samantha Armytage joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning and boy things got LOOSE!

While we discussed Sam’s incredible weight loss, her co-host Kochie, and her Insta DMs, one big topic of the day was relationships. And in particular, Sam’s own relationship status.

While some pieces of gossip make it into the press about her love life every so often, Kyle pressed Samantha on the air this morning to give us a bit more detail into the man he described as her “secret lover”.

“Are you sure that it’s the weigh watchers that’s taking the weight off or is it the love making with the new lover?” asked Kyle. Yep. No boundaries here!

“What new lover?” Sam asked with a laugh.


“I know you don’t talk about it. That’s why I brought it up,” Kyle replied. “There’s got to be someone.”

“There’s some interest out there. I’m in a good spot in my life,” Sam replied.

As for why she doesn’t open up about her relationships to the public, Sam said that she doesn’t want to speak about something before she knows it’s going to last.

“I never talk about anyone until you’re 100% sure, like until you’re almost married to them,” she continued. “The people I date don’t want to be in the papers.”

When asked how she meets guys while being in the public eye, Sam told us that she’s had a lot of help from her friends who have set her up and that she’s certainly not short of dates.

“So what you’re saying is that you need no assistance in love, you’ve got a secret lover, is that what you’re saying?” Kyle pushed.


“Kyle,” Sam warned jokingly. “Possibly.”

“There’s good things happening. Don’t you worry about me.”

“How exciting!” concluded Kyle.

Exciting indeed!

Sam went on to detail her incredible 10kg weight loss journey with Weight Watchers and how she’s managed to maintain her envious figure.

Hear all about this in our full interview with Samantha Armytage in the podcast below or watch the video above!


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