If you’ve been watching this season of Married At First Sight you’d know all about the story line following this season’s jilted bride and runaway Groom, Elizabeth and Sam.

Following their fairly awkward marriage earlier this week, where Sam body shamed his wife while Elizabeth was completely none-the-wiser and smitten for her groom, we returned to the couple the morning after their wedding, only to find things had gone from bad to worse.

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Sam was clearly distressed and eventually he explained why. He told his new bride that he wouldn’t be able to go on their honeymoon after finding out that his ex’s mum had passed away.

He told Elizabeth that he would be heading to New Zealand for the funeral and after quickly booking flights he disappeared and was not heard from again for the next few days, leaving Elizabeth thinking he might not actually return.


But while some people might have been feeling sorry for Sam after he received this sad news, others weren’t so quick to trust him and actually thought the whole thing might’ve been an elaborate lie to get out of a marriage he clearly didn’t want to be in.

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One of these non-believers was Kyle and Jackie O’s MAFS specialist, and News.com.au reporter, James Weir. While speaking with us this morning, James called bullsh*t on the funeral and called for Sam to prove that his excuse was legit.

“He goes and tells a lie, and this lie is insane,” James explained. “So he sits Lizzie down and he says, ‘Someone’s died. It’s my ex-girlfriend’s mum. I’m going to have to leave’.”

“He didn’t lie about that,” said Jackie. “Please tell me he did not lie about a mum dying. What do you think he did, just lie about it and then went off?”


“We didn’t even see him at the airport,” continued James. “When he gets questioned about where he’s going overseas and he’s like ‘Oh New Zealand’, and we’re like oh that’s great all these honeymoons happen in New Zealand. You can just dash to the funeral and meet up with Lizzie after the funeral.

“And he’s like, ‘Oh no, that’s not going to work’.”

Jackie also started to get suss, saying that it was strange that Sam seemed to have to think for a long time before he told Elizabeth where the funeral would be. And so she decided to get our runaway groom up on the phone to get to the bottom of it.

Sam told us that he was completely shocked that anyone would think he was lying and he’d be happy to prove where he was.

“I’m actually shocked, I can’t believe that everyone thinks it’s a lie,” Sam told us.

“I’ve got a very, ‘pics or it didn’t happen approach’,” challenged James Weir.


“I can definitely get the flights and stuff like that and the pamphlets. It’s a bit like, disrespectful. I can’t take photos at a funeral,” Sam continued.

Sam continued to explain that he understood that the news couldn’t have come at a worse time but he had been very close with his ex girlfriend’s family and he knew he had to be there for her.

“It was a stressful time. I was very close with my ex’s family and I felt like at the time it was the right thing to do,” he revealed.

He also said that in no way was the funeral an “out” for him to escape his arranged marriage to Elizabeth. Despite his critiques on the wedding day, he had only nice words to say about her now.

“Elizabeth was a lovely girl, she had a great personality and everything got taken out of context,” he continued.

“She was taller and a lot louder and everything than I’m used to. It wasn’t just the physical side, it was just daunting.”


Despite his words, we still get the feeling that things don’t work out too well between these two. But of course that’s just speculation and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next!

Married at First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine!