There’s always lots of rumours and speculation thrown around before Channel 10 announces who their new leading men and women will be each year for the Bachie franchise.

While we now know that this year’s Bachelorette will be none other than Angie Kent from Gogglebox fame, there was quite a bit of talk that a much bigger name could take on the role.

Last year, Aussie actress Rebel Wilson revealed to Vogue Australia that she would consider doing the reality dating show because she thought having a bunch of suitors would be really fun!

“I’d totally do the Bachelorette,” she said at the time. “But it would probably ruin my international film career. But wouldn’t it be fun, someone to select male suitors for you.”

Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Rebel recently for a chat ahead of her current film Hustle and when the topic of her love life came up it appeared that she hadn’t changed her tune on the dating show.

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In fact, she told us that her current dating life appears to be a bit like The Bachelorette, just without the cameras. And she’s loving it!

“How is your love life going?” Jackie asked.

“It’s going pretty well actually,” Rebel revealed.

“There’s a few suitors out there. I’m doing this thing called ‘Year of Love’ where I’m definitely putting myself out there.”

This is when Rebel reiterated that she would’ve been super keen to be the Bachelorette. In fact, she said she actually offered herself up to Channel 10!

And while we’re super excited for Angie’s season, we have to say Channel 10, big mistake not signing Rebel on!


“It’s kind of like The Bachelorette but nobody filming it,” she joked. “Which I wish they would. I offered Channel 10 to do it, but I had a pretty high price tag.”

But sadly Rebel’s dating is currently happening off screen. But luckily for her, it’s going pretty well!

“Yeah! I tell you what, it’s interesting. and it’s going well. I don’t think I’ve found the one yet. The serious one. But I am having a lot of fun,” Rebel continued.

She even told us that she’s signed herself up to the celebrity dating app over in the US called Raya and she recommended Jackie do the same here in Australia!

“I am on that celebrity dating app Raya, in America… I’ve met some really nice people from it and it’s pretty interesting to see what other celebrities are on it too,” she said.


“There definitely are Australians on it…I went out with an Aussie male model.”

“Oh, I should go on it,” joked Jackie.

Well, our show psychic Georgina Walker did say Jackie would get together with a celebrity in the future… So you never know!

Hear our full chat with Rebel Wilson in the video above!

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