Last night on Married At First Sight we had a whole episode dedicated to the final vows of one of the most up and down couples on this season, Mike Gunner and Heidi Slatcham. 

To everyone’s surprise, the pair chose to stay together outside the experiment and they even told each other that they were in love. 

But the morning after the episode went to air, we here at the Kyle and Jackie O studios are convinced that this didn’t last long… In fact, we’re like 97.9% sure that something BIG goes down between these two and that they’re no longe together. 

Mike joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning, without Heidi, and Kyle wasn’t shy from pointing out the fact that he thought they’d broken up. 

Here are all the reasons why: 


1. Other couples that chose to stay together after the final vows have done media together as a pair, while Mike is off doing the interviews by himself. 

Of course we understand that Heidi is a breakfast radio host and can’t leave the Sunshine Coast, but surely they could organise some phone interviews for her? Unless of course her and Mike aren’t still together and don’t want to do press together… 

2. Every single time Kyle asked Mike live on air if he was still together with Heidi he paused before saying “yes” or “of course we are”… i.e his answers sounded a bit awkward and forced (hear it for yourself in the video of the entire interview)

3. Being the Kyle and Jackie O Show and that people should ALWAYS expect the unexpected, we decided to call up Heidi’s radio show live on air to chat to her about the relationship. And the stand-offish and jilted conversation between Mike and Heidi at this time certainly didn’t seem like they were still in love… 

4. Kyle tried one more time to see if Mike was telling the truth at the end of the interview by saying he felt like there was something else going on here between him and Heidi. Mike’s answer? “Anything’s possible…”

Of course we’re just speculating here but we feel like we’re right on the money. After all, it has been rumoured that one of the couples who stayed together in the final vows have actually broken up by the time the reunion episode takes place. 


Maybe that couple is Heidi and Mike? We’ll let you decide for yourself after you hear the interview!

Hear Kyle and Jackie O’s full chat with Mike and Heidi in the video above!

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