We’ve seen twist after turn every single episode this season on Married At First Sight and last night was no different.

Viewers at home saw a second rumour about a husband’s wandering eyes (and possibly hands/feet…we’re unsure on this one) reach boiling point as it lead to a physical confrontation between Cyrell and Martha.

The rumour mill was spinning that Cyrell’s onscreen husband Nic had been rubbing fellow contestant Jesskia’s leg under the table at the dinner party. Martha became involved when she decided to ask Nic if the rumour was true.

Tensions were incredibly high to say the least and after Cyrell confronted Martha about spreading the rumour a physical confrontation broke out.

Due to this, we never really got to the bottom of the rumour. Of course Nic denied it, but as we’ve heard and seen before on this show, rumours don’t just start from nothing.


And so while Kyle and Jackie O were speaking with Martha this morning after the major blow up, we decided to get to the bottom of it.

Martha told us that what we’re seeing on screen is only a small snippet of what really happens before proceeding to tell us what REALLY went down at that dinner party with Nic and Jess.

“There’s a lot also that you don’t see,” Martha explained. “That’s the thing. That’s why this looks so crazy.”

One thing that we didn’t see was the moment that started the rumour at the dinner party. And so Martha cleared this up for us.


“Okay so what you guys don’t see,” Martha began. “So at the dinner party, Jess came over to me and she said to me, she was really drunk at the dinner party, and she said, ‘Oh my god, Sam just touched my leg’.

“Now Sam was sitting right next to me. I go, ‘Sam did you touch her leg?’. She goes, ‘No’. I go, ‘Jess what are you talking about he hasn’t touched you’. She goes, ‘Oh babe, sorry it wasn’t Sam, it was Nic’,” Martha continued.

“So I thought, is it Nic is it Sam? So anyway, I just thought I’d let it go.

“The next day I see Nic in the gym,” Martha added. “And I was literally walking through the gym to fill up my water bottle…I was typing a message, I did not even look up from my phone when I spoke to Nic.

“I said, ‘Hey Nic, apparently you touched Jess’ leg under the table at dinner.”

Kyle asked Martha whether she thought this “touching” had been in a creepy or sexual way. She explained that Jess had made out like it was more than friendly.


“Eventually guys, I promise you it will all come out, everyone’s going to see the truth,” she said. “The way Jess told me that Nic had touched her, it wasn’t in a way like, ‘Hey mate, are you alright?’. It wasn’t in that sort of a way.

“It was in a, ‘Hey babe, you alright’,” she added in a seductive voice.

It seems that a lot more drama is headed our way on this season of Married At First Sight and we have a feeling Nic and Cyrell are going to be the centre of it.


Martha finished by telling us that we’ve all been fooled by Nic’s nice guy behaviour and that his true colours will eventually come out.

“I’m not going to lie, Nic isn’t what we thought we all see and think he is,” she concluded.


“Why wouldn’t you guys admit that on the show then last night? Why would you all underplay it if that’s really what happened?” asked Jackie.

“Because again, it probably has been admitted but you don’t see everything.”

Hmm interesting. We’ve certainly got our eye on you Nic!

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

Hear Martha’s full interview with kyle and jackie o here!

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