We always knew that the contracts for Married At First Sight were pretty tight and restrictive but new rumours have shown us just how crazy some of the things reportedly in the contracts can be!

According to this rumour, there really is no privacy when it comes to being one of the brides or grooms on the Channel Nine reality program. Even when it comes to your own social media.

Jackie was telling the Kyle and Jackie O show listeners about the rumour that she’d heard regarding the MAFS contracts and if true it would sure make you think twice about signing up for the show.

According to rumour, contestants are forced to give MAFS producers the passwords for their Instagram accounts so that they can monitor all of their personal messages and conversations.

Jackie revealed the rumour while speaking with contestant from this season, Lauren’s friend Josie about the fact that Lauren hadn’t been allowed to speak with the media following her departure from the show last night.


“Well Josie, I’m sorry that Lauren’s not allowed to talk,” Jackie said. “Because I know their contracts are so full on.”

She then continued by revealing the rumour she’d heard about social media use.

“I heard that Channel Nine have access to their Instagram passwords and they monitor their direct messages and everything,” Jackie revealed.

“Yeah, I’m sure they do,” added Josie.


“They’re like your parents, Channel Nine,” chimed in Kyle.


“I don’t even think your parents invade your privacy that much,” Jackie concluded.

This alleged revelation came after Josie called up the Kyle and Jackie O Show to defend her friend Lauren after the way she was depicted on the show.

Josie said that it was disappointing that Channel Nine hadn’t organised any media or interviews for Lauren and it was unfair not to let her say her piece.

These claims would also check out with things that contestants from previous seasons have said about the MAFS contracts.

Just recently, contestants from last year have claimed that the official MAFS Instagram account had blocked them on social media, despite the fact that they are still contracted to Channel Nine.


Although we guess if you were willing to sign up for a pretty invasive reality show like Married At First Sight with the hopes of finding love, you wouldn’t really be too concerned about having a lack of privacy, would you..?

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

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