We’ve seen enough of the ads for the highly anticipated Married At First Sight reunion to know that what’s to come is going to be INSANELY explosive.

And this isn’t just because all of the contestants from this season come back for one final dinner party! A lot of it has to do with the fact that the experts finally play back some of the footage to the contestants to show them what’s been going on behind closed doors.

One major secret that we know gets blown out of the water is the fact that before Jess started her romance with Dan, she actually pulled Cyrell’s hubby Nic aside and told him that she was attracted to him.

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Nic shuts Jess down. #MAFS

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After Nic rejected Jess, we never really heard anything more about the incident.

We thought the incident may come up when Dan asked Jess during the final dinner party if she only went after him because she was looking for an out with her own husband Mick.


But she said that she wasn’t and she was prepared to leave the experiment before Dan entered, without making any mention of the fact that she’d already tried to steal someone else’s husband.

But it looks like the entire group is about to find out just how promiscuous Jess had been behind the scenes and according to one of the MAFS contestants, it causes MAJOR issues for Jess and Dan.

Mike Gunner, who’s currently married to Heidi, joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat about the upcoming reunion when he revealed what happened after Dan watched this scene back.

“Sunday night we see on the ad that Dan finds out that she did want to bone that Nic,” Kyle said.

“That didn’t look like it goes down well.”


“Yeah I tell you what, not at all,” Mike responded. “That would be an understatement.”


Despite the differences that we have seen between Mike and Jess so far this season, Mike said that he felt bad for her as this scene played in front of the group for the first time.

“I actually felt for her in that moment,” Mike continued. “Early on, her and I, we were pals.”

Mike also wanted to clear up any rumours that were going around that he had been flirting with Jess early on in the season.


“Let me clear something up, a lot of people were saying Mike’s flirting with her and Mike’s interested… It was obviously misunderstood,” Mike said.

“And definitely I’m a one woman man.”

Hear Kyle and Jackie O’s full interview with Mike in the video below!