Cyrell might be known as the cyclone on this season of Married At First Sight but we all know that there’s one person who’s even more explosive than she was on the show.

And that was Cyrell’s own brother Ivan.

Ivan was never a fan of Cyrell’s onscreen hubby Nic. Not only did he kick Nic out of the family home on the show, but he also went to TOWN on Nic during a live interview on Kyle and Jackie O.

At the time, Ivan had alleged that Nic had cheated on his sister and that was going to eventually be show as the bad guy on MAFS.

But this morning during Kyle and Jackie O’s MAFS reunion it was a completely different tune from Ivan who appeared to have done a complete backflip on his opinion of Nic!


Nic was in studio with Kyle and Jackie O for the reunion when Ivan called up to actually apologise to his sister’s ex.

“On behalf of Australia I want to apologise to Nic,” Ivan began.

“You know what man, I take back everything I said.”

It seems that Ivan felt bad about the way that he’d treated Nic from the get go and the fact that he’d never really given Nic a chance. And because of that he seemed to claim that he never actually hated Nic. (We’re confused but ok…)

“From day one, you’ve always been great in my eyes. You’ve always been that guy that was the right person… but it obviously didn’t work out for the both of you.

“I do apologise I take back everything I said,” Ivan continued.


“And hopefully somewhere down the line you and I can have a drink together and make peace brother.”

Nic was practically speechless! In fact, he only had one word in response.

“Wow!” Nic said.

Wow indeed! We certainly didn’t expect that soft side to Ivan!

See the full Kyle and Jackie O MAFS reunion here!

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