Married At First Sight might have finished for the year but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop talking about it anytime soon! Especially if we keep getting goss on the contestant’s like this!

Earlier this morning we heard from a Kyle and Jackie O listener that controversial groom Daniel Webb had allegedly already cheated on Jessika Power.

The woman named Hannah claimed that Dan had tried to get her to come home with him and actually kissed her at a bar on the Gold Coast two months ago.

She claimed to have proof of the incident after receiving messages from Jess on Instagram just yesterday asking about the incident.

This explosive information gave Kyle and Jackie an idea for another segment – A cash for comment MAFS edition!

Basically, they wanted people to call up if they had ever hooked up with a MAFS contestant from the most recent season. The stories could be either true or completely fake, but if Kyle and Jackie believed them, they would win some cash.

Of course, we had a lot of fake callers. But one of the actually turned out to be true and what she revealed was pure GOLD!


Louise claimed that she had slept with Mike Gunner, the man who was previously married to Heidi on the reality show.

“Louise, who did you hook up with on the show?” Jackie asked.

“Michael Gunner,” Louise claimed.

“Mike?! Oh that’s interesting because he said he hasn’t been with anyone since Heidi,” Jackie said. “When did you sleep with Mike?”


“Just recently and also back quite a few years ago,” Louise alleged. “And he went on my Facebook and accessed all of my women contacts and was hooking up with them through that as well.”

That was a revelation in itself to hear that Mike was actually a bit of a player. But what was even more of a shock was the proof that Louise said that she had.

Louise claimed to still have DICK PICS of Mike’s!

“I’m sure I’ve got some of his photos in the cloud that he used to send me,” Louise revealed.

“They were inappropriate, well, penis shots really.”

Kyle and Jackie were gobsmacked! They chose to believe the story and as it turns out, it was, “100 percent true” according to Louise!


Who knew Mike was so promiscuous!

Hear our entire MAFS cash for comment in the video above!

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