Tonight is the night Australia. The most controversial season of Married At First Sight so far comes to an official close tonight during part two of the reunion.

Last night during part one we saw exes come face to face in an awkward dinner party, Jules and Cam announce their engagement to the group and of course, that explosive red wine fight between Martha and Cyrell.

And just in case that wasn’t amazing enough, tonight’s episode is going to be simply SPECTACULAR viewing!

The teaser for tonight shows the group come together for one last time on the couch with the experts. But this time instead of marriage counselling, we see the cast shown the most explosive moments from this season that happened behind closed doors.

Including the two major cheating scandals!


Kyle and Jackie O spoke with Martha on the show this morning when she spilled exactly what we can expect from part two of the reunion, including a Nic and Jessika BOMBSHELL!

“What happens tonight?” Jackie asked. “Because the reunion’s tonight. Do you feel it’s going to get worse for you?”

“Tonight is a good episode for me if you guys see what we saw,” Martha revealed.

“Because when we watched it, when we went and had the reunion and saw back all the episodes and you know, we got to see all the missing pieces of the puzzle, for me it was good because everything was revealed.”

Martha then made reference to a moment that caused a LOT of drama on the show between her and Cyrell, but was never actually shown; the moment that Jess told Martha that Nic had been feeling her up under the table.

Martha explained that this is something that is shown during their reunion.


“Like Jess telling me that Nic was rubbing her up under the table was revealed. And then Cyrell’s like Martha isn’t a liar, Nic you’re a dog. Like thing like that, all the missing pieces come out,” Martha continued.

“It was a moment of realisation for all of us.”

With the title of villain being thrown around the group a lot this season, Jackie then wondered who would come across as the bad guy after tonight.

Martha revealed that in her opinion, Sam, Nic and Jess have the worst experience once all is revealed.


We can’t wait to watch it all go down! Get your popcorn and wine ready everyone! Part 2 of the reunion for MAFS goes down TONIGHT 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

Hear our full chat with Martha from MAFS here!

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