It seems Lindsay Lohan is a jack of all trades! Actress, singer, model, fashion designer and of course now a business owner and reality TV star!

In case you didn’t know, Lindsay recently opened a Beach Club over in Mykonos and actually started a reality TV show about the staff that work there called ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’.

You know, the place where this piece of fabulous footage first came about:

Anyway, Lindsay Lohan joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat about the success of her club when she revealed that she’s opening a new one, also in Greece.

“This year we’re really focused on Athens,” Lindsay told us. “So we’re opening a new place called Lohan’s Seaside in Athens.”


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But if you think you’re going to have to book a plane ticket to Greece in order to experience one of Lohan’s beach clubs, then think again! It looks like when it comes time to open a third establishment, Lindsay might actually be looking to come Down Under!

“Maybe I’ll venture into opening something in Australia,” Lindsay told us.

“Yes, you so should do that! I’d love to have one of this beach clubs here in Sydney,” Jackie responded.

And luckily Kyle and Jackie are excited by the idea, because it seems that Lindsay wants us to be involved.

“I would love that. What better way to come to Australia than to open a place with you guys,” Lindsay told us.


“Okay done!” replied Kyle.

Legit this has to happen! The Kyle, Jackie and Lindsay Beach Club would definitely be the place to be this Summer!

Hear our full interview with Lindsay Lohan in the podcast below!

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