No doubt you’ve had this song stuck in your head recently. Lauv and Troye Sivan’s hit single ‘I’m So Tired’ has really taken over our playlists after being released with it’s catchy tune.

In true irony, this is one song that we seriously aren’t getting tired of.

But as it turns out, this song almost didn’t exist!

Lauv joined Kyle and Jackie O on air this morning to chat about his collaboration with Aussie boy Troye Sivan when he revealed that they actually started out with a completely different track.

“Honestly, it kind of happened in a funny way,” he explained.

“We had gotten together and we wrote another song that was really bad, like it was awful.

“I don’t even remember what it was called!”


Lauv then told us that he had the chorus already written for ‘I’m So Tired’ and despite feeling extremely nervous to show it to Troye, he went with his gut and played it for him.

“I played it for him, kind of like nervously like, ‘Yeah I hope you like this’, and he loved it and so we wrote the rest of the song right after that.”

And lucky he did because we love it too! To think we could have gone on without ever having this tune on our playlist! And that would have been a travesty.

Hear our chat with Lauv in the video above!

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