You might remember about a month ago that a gossip mag put out a headline that Jackie O had been involved in an affair with Guy Sebastian.

Of course, both Jackie and Guy both immediately came out to say that this was absolutely NOT TRUE. In fact, they made light of the situation, making fun of how ridiculous the rumour was on their Instagram accounts.

Jules Sebastian, Guy’s wife, even reached out to Jackie to have a laugh about the situation.

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And that was that. The rumour was put to bed. Until Intern Pete got involved…

Yesterday we sent Pete to the red carpet for the Instyle & Audi Women of Style Awards when he saw Jules and decided that this would be the perfect time to bring the ridiculous rumour back into the spotlight.


And Jules had the most SAVAGE response!

“Now a magazine has reported that Guy, your husband, is having an affair with Jackie O,” Pete said to Jules. “A statement please?”

“It’s all true. Everything you hear is true. That little S – L – U – T,” Jules said sarcastically before bursting into laughter.

Damn Jules! (Jackie’s face at this point when she heard this played back on air was priceless BTW).


“Hang on, who did you just call a slut?” Pete asked, just incase it wasn’t obvious enough.

“No! Jackie I love you,” Jules added through more laughter.

Speaking seriously, Jules then went on to say how crazy it is that gossip mags just make up information.

“It’s crazy, they just make it up!” she continued.

But then the joke continued…

“I mean maybe they’re not, who knows. It could be true. I’d be the last to know.”


Luckily Jackie took it well though.

“She’s only teasing!” Jackie laughed on air this morning.

Another successful red carpet trip from Intern Pete… That wasn’t awkward at all.

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