‘Momager’ Kris Jenner has taught her daughter’s how to handle any kind of press like an absolute pro and this was made completely clear when Kyle and Jackie O’s Intern Pete spoke with Kendall Jenner.

The model and KUWTK star was in Sydney last night for the opening of the new Tiffany & Co store in Pitt Street, along with some Aussie beauties, Jacinta Campbell and Lara Worthington.

Pete managed to snag himself a spot on the red carpet for the event and even scored a radio EXCLUSIVE interview with Kendall herself!

Of course, knowing Pete’s history at important events we were a little nervous with how this would go… But luckily Kendall is an absolute PRO and handled Pete’s somewhat awkward interview style like a champ and with absolute grace.

Firstly, Pete decided to start out the chat by getting a bit of sympathy from the Kar-Jenner beauty and making it all about him, telling her all about his recent back issues.

“I’m on light duties at the moment,” Pete said.

Kyle isn’t shy about telling Pete that he’s sick of hearing about Pete’s “light duties” so he surely wasn’t happy that Pete had brought this up with Kendall freaking Jenner!!


But as we said, she handled things with grace!

“I’m so sorry…that’s horrible” Kendall said to Pete. We’re sure it was fake but still nice of her to pretend to care.

But luckily things quickly went back on track and Pete actually asked Kendall about the reason she was there and got the deets on the insane diamonds in the store. Including, that infamous Lady Gaga necklace.

But it didn’t really matter what Kendall said. Intern Pete was in such AWE of the Kar-Jenner sister. In fact, he said that she was so friendly and stunning that he might just have to switch teams…

“I think you were thrown by her beauty,” Jackie said to Pete on air this morning. “Even though you’re gay you were saying just how beautiful she was.”

“Yep, 100% straight now. She is stunning,” Pete joked.


We agree. That girl is CRAZY beautiful!

Hear Pete’s full interview with Kendall Jenner in the video above!

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