After watching this season so far of Married At First Sight it would seem that the resident villain Ines Basic doesn’t have a remorseful bone in her body.

Even last night during the explosive commitment ceremony when her affair with Sam was finally revealed to the group, Ines said that she didn’t feel bad about her actions or how she’d gone about all of it.

But it seems that maybe now that she’s had time to think about it and relived it all as it plays back on TV that this has changed just slightly.

Elizabeth joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning when she revealed that Ines has tried to contact her since the show began airing.

“Have you spoken to Ines since the show?” Kyle asked.

“No she did send out a message to apologise though,” Elizabeth revealed.


So far this season Ines not only stole Elizabeth’s husband behind her back but she has also spoken pretty poorly of Elizabeth, making fun of her personality and appearance.

But it seems that she has surprised us all by actually reaching out and apologising to Liz for this behaviour.

While Liz seemed to appreciate the gesture, it’s not all going to be water under the bridge for her and she chose not to respond.

“Did you reply to that?” asked Kyle.

“No,” she replied.

“You don’t want to know her?” asked Jackie.


“Yep. Correct,” Liz said bluntly. “You just can’t go so hard in on someone. You can’t do that.”

As for what the message said, Elizabeth wouldn’t give away much as she was trying to remain respectful of Ines.

“She was just very apologetic and I think she actually was genuinely upset,” Elizabeth said.

“I don’t want to respond but I can’t go that far to throw her so deep under. She’s done some really awful things to me, but I think she seems quite remorseful now.”


Well that’s definitely a side of Ines we didn’t see on the show! Maybe she’s actually changing her tune after watching herself back.

Hear Elizabeth’s full interview with Kyle and Jackie O in the video below.

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