If you’re as obsessed with Married At First Sight as we are and haven’t been missing a single second of each episode then we bet you’re thinking the same thing we are.

This season, while filled with some incredible drama, has been a bit predictable. It feels almost like a re-run of last year with this whole cheating scandal just with some better talent at the helm (Sam and Ines really do create TV gold).

But apparently this might just be a ploy to keep us off the scent of what’s really coming so that we’re left INCREDIBLY shocked when the real drama unfolds.

Kyle and Jackie O were speaking with Davina and Dean from the last season of Married at First Sight, or the original partner swappers, when they revealed some inside information…

According to them, a MAJOR plot twist is coming that is going to shock us all and think that what’s going on between Sam and Ines is mere child’s play.


“I reckon there’s a big surprise coming,” said Dean. “I think they are flowing us into this false sense of security and then they’re going to have a big plot twist coming up soon.”

“I know for a fact there is a plot twist,” revealed Davina.

Of course, being as obsessed with this show as we are, we were desperate to know more. But it took a bit of poking and prodding to get anything else out of these two.

From what we can understand though, it seems that the producers are trying to get us to focus on Sam and Ines so that we’ll all be shocked when ANOTHER affair appears between a very unsuspecting pair.

“I just know the producers always have something up their sleeve and I think they do now as well ,” added Dean.

“I don’t even know if it’s one hundred percent true but from what I’ve heard it’s going to be awesome,” Davina continued before giving us a hint.


“Maybe you’re looking at the wrong people,” she said.

“Oh someone else is having an affair!” Jackie exclaimed.

“Well I don’t know,” said Davina slyly. “Think outside the box guys.”

Jackie could barely contain her excitement! While we have absolutely no idea who this alleged affair could be between at this point, Jackie’s putting her money on something happening between Mike (Heidi’s husband) and Jess (Mick’s wife).


“That’s an interesting theory,” said Dean.

“I think it’s pretty predictable right now what’s happening but something crazy is going to happen soon,” he concluded.


All we know, is that whoever it is, you would never suspect them to get together. So we’re popping on our FBI hats and going DIGGING! We have to know now!

Otherwise, Dean and Davina seem to think this plot twist will be uncovered on the show in about a week’s time so maybe we’ll just have to wait and see!

Hear Davina’s full interview with Kyle and Jackie O below!


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