Cassandra Thorburn has been spotted zipping around Sydney in a new car that appeared to make a reference to her ex-husband’s new wife.

People were quick to notice that the personalised number plates on the Mini Cooper said the word ’Fizzy’, which many recognised as the nickname of Karl Stefanovic’s new wife, Jasmine Yar borough’s nickname.

It’s reported that ‘Fizzy’ is a reference to ‘Jassy Fizzle’, which is the nickname given to Jasmine by Karl and their group of friends.

It was even used as part of the couple’s wedding hashtag last year, with guests at the event captioning their photos with ‘#LetsGetFizzyKarl’.

But Cassandra has since come out slamming the claims that she had deliberately chosen to personalised plate to mock her ex-husband’s partner.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning she explained that it was a horrible misunderstanding and sounds almost like the plot of a bad novel.

“No I didn’t know that was her nickname!” Cass told us. “It’s not common knowledge is it? Apparently it is now.”


“The car I purchased from my girlfriend who is moving overseas for a couple of years, she offered me to buy her car off her, which has had the same number plate for four years and she owned the number plate on her previous car,” she continued.

“She said, ‘I also want to keep the private plates’, because it has to do with her and another member of her family…and she said, ‘Can you hold onto it?’. And she actually still pays for the plates and I’ve had the car since February.”

“It’s like a bad Jackie Collins novel. You couldn’t even write this stuff,” she concluded. “You couldn’t script it.”

Cassandra is now unsure what to do and whether she can keep the number plates.

“Are you going to now keep that on the car? Because now everywhere you drive around people will know it’s you,” Jackie asked.

“This is the horrible thing about it. Is there going to be damage to the car?” Cass questioned.


“She [Cass’ friend] pays for the plates, what do you do? I made a commitment to her to keep onto the plate.”

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