Aussie reality TV star and singer Casey Donovan is about to host the Australian version of the TV show Catfish for Ten’s pilot week.

The show will delve into the lives of those being catfished as well as the people doing the catfishing, to find out what causes people to get caught up in these awful situations.

While Casey told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that she is excited to work on the show, it’s a topic that’s rather close to home for her as she has experienced a horrific manipulation herself at the hands of her former best friend.

Back when she was a young Australian Idol winner, Casey’s friend Olga created the persona ‘Campbell’ using a man’s photos, and started an online relationship with Casey using this fake person.

“I had pictures,” Casey explained to Kyle and Jackie O about the man she thought was Campbell. “He was bald, he had a six pack, he had you know the sexy ‘V’… But he was just a really attractive looking guy.

“At that point, I was 16 and I was like, what the hell are you doing talking to me? And I would get new photos every now and again.”

The entire manipulation lasted six years and when Casey finally discovered the truth it was utterly devastating for her.


Speaking with us on the show this morning, she spoke about how she managed to overcome such a heartbreaking experience, and she told us that part of this closure came from contacting the man whose photos had been used to trick her into falling in love.

“He lives in the states and I have no idea how she got hold [of his photos],” Casey told us. “I sent him a message because I found him on Instagram and I just said, ‘This is weird but I was in love with you for six years and he kind of read it and just didn’t reply.

“I felt like I needed to tell this guy, ‘I’ve loved you for so long’… For me I just had to do that.”

Casey told us that it took her a good few years to get over the fact that she had been catfished, not only because she had lost someone who she thought was the love of her life, but she also lost a best friend after finding out that Olga was behind it all.

“I had no one,” Casey explained. “And because I’d kept a lie for so long, and I told people that we skyped and I’d go to his house and to face that.. it was a horrible time.”

Casey is now hoping to be able to help others who have been through similar experiences through her new show.


If you have a story to tell you can apply for Catfish Australia here!

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