This season of The Voice has certainly proved incredibly competitive – not just between the amazing talent of the contestants but between the coaches as well.

While the knockout rounds have only just concluded and there’s still a long way to go, there’s already been a ton of arguments between the coaches and even some accusations of cheating!

So there’s no doubt really that each of the coaches desperately want to win and have a member from their team take out the title of The Voice.

But while they can hope all they want, it seems that Boy George is one for facing reality and when asked who he honestly thought would take out the competition this year he told us that he could see someone from another team winning.

“This year I’m kind of accepting, I think Delta’s going to win,” George told us on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning.

“Who do you think though?” asked Kyle about which specific member from Delta’s team George was envisioning.

“I think the kid’s going to win,” he said in reference to 14-year-old Jordan who one his knockout last night with an epic Dua Lipa performance.


While Jordan may be young, George said that he thought when it came down to Australia’s opinion that he was most likely to receive the votes.

“You know, I’ve got Diana Rouvas who’s incredible. You know, it is called ‘The Voice’, so really she’s the best singer so she should win but with Sam Perry last year I think Australia’s got a sort of appetite for unusual winners,” George explained.

“So it is kind of open but I have a feeling that Delta might win.”

Jordan certainly has the potential to go all the way based on his stunning performances on the show so far.


So we too wouldn’t be surprised if this prediction from George comes true!

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