Tensions between two coaches on this season of The Voice Australia, Boy George and Kelly Rowland, have been incredibly high this season.

And last night they appeared to reach boiling point as George accused his rival of cheating during the knockout rounds.

George said that it was “kind of naughty” for Kelly to allow one of her artists, rapper Denzel, to perform an original song after she didn’t think it was right for him to rap someone else’s song.

It sparked a fiery feud amongst the coaches last night, with George saying that “everyone’s been breaking the rules this year” and that performing an original song wasn’t “an even playing field”.


This morning, George addressed the issue with Kyle and Jackie O, saying that he didn’t think that this would be the end of it and that we could expect more “cheating” to occur this season.

“You called her out for cheating. Her contestant did an original,” Jackie said this morning.

“Yes and it’s probably going to happen again,” Boy George told us.

“You know, because as Kelly stated when she took Denzel, rappers really struggle to kind of do other people’s songs because it’s such a kind of personal sort of almost like social context type of performance and you can’t just take some other one’s rap song.”

While it seems like George was maybe a bit more understanding of why Kelly allowed Denzel to perform an original piece, he still seemed to look at it as cheating and said that there was more where that came from.


“There’s going to be more cheating,” he said.

The Voice continued tonight at 7PM on Channel Nine

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