Well most of the chat surrounding Labor leader Bill Shorten at the moment is to do with the upcoming election and opinion polls, here on the Kyle and Jackie O show we get down to the really important political stuff that everyone wants to know.

Like what Bill Shorten thought about that video of him running going viral!

Last week people began trolling the opposition leader for his, uh, unique running technique after video footage of him jogging iemerged on social media.

People were quick to comment on Mr Shorten’s rather awkward running style, with some people even comparing the action to the hilarious way Phoebe Buffay runs on friends or the infamous sprint of Forrest Gump.


“Dude runs like he’s about to s**t himself. Hope you made it to Maccas in time,” wrote one social media user.


“For some reason I reckon he’s snatched a purse or two in his youth and ran off that exact same way,” joked another.


Kyle and Jackie O brought up the fact that his rather flat-footed running style had gone viral while speaking with the Labor leader in studio this morning, and let’s just say he didn’t seem too happy about it!

“You went for a run the other day and people said that the way you run is a bit odd,” Jackie said.

“That’s mean isn’t it,” said Bill. “Next journalist who says that, come for a run with me and see how you’re going after 5k!”

“I’m getting under 25 minutes on my 5k… I’m not saying I’d win the style points but you know I never give up.”


But while Bill clearly takes his running seriously, he wasn’t afraid to have a laugh at himself either!

“It’s sort of like Forest Gump meets politics,” he laughed.

Bill also explained that people making fun of his running isn’t really something new. In fact, he said that one fellow, who he assumed clearly wasn’t a Labor fan, actually drove past him running one day and shouted out an insult in person!

“Some old bloke, I don’t think he’s ever voted Labor since 1920, he rolls down the window as I’m jogging by and says, ‘And ya can’t even run!’,” Bill told us.

“I said to the bloke, ‘You’re welcome to join me’.”

“Does that hurt your feelings?” Kyle asked.


“No it was pretty funny really,” Bill replied.

You really do have to have a thick skin when you’re in the public eye all the time don’t you!

Of course, we also got down to some actual political talk with Bill Shorten ahead of the election. Hear our full chat with the opposition leader in the video above!

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